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Professional Information

I´m an accomplished, hands-on, & well informed IT professional with 15+ years of experience in providing strategic guidance regarding IT technology and infrastructural enhancements to clients and organizations. I´m very keen on all topics around Cloud-Native technologies and software-defined-everything and I like to share this passion with you through this blog.

Within VMware´s Professional Service Organization (PSO), I´ve started my journey back in October 2016 as a Technical Account Manager. In case you don´t know exactly what a TAM does, I´d like to forward you to the following post which describes it very well: What is a VMware Technical Account Manager?

Open-Source Contributions

I am very proud to mention that since 2019 I am part of a team of very experienced and engaged VMware folks who, besides their professional role, invest a lot of time and passion in the Open-Source project VMware Event Broker Appliance. This project provides an event-driven approach to interact with VMware’s solutions by using Functions as a Service.

Official VEBA Mascot - Otto the Orca


I passed several industry certifications over the years during my career in IT. Basically, all of these are infrastructure focused. If you are interested in which ones exactly, please feel free to have a look at my Linked profile: Robert Guske.

Nevertheless, those are my latest three certifications I’ve passed:

/img/about/double_vcp.png /img/about/vcp65.png /img/about/vcp6_dtm.png


About the program
The annual VMware vExpert title is given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the community of VMware users over the past year. The title is awarded to individuals (not employers) for their commitment to sharing their knowledge and passion for VMware technology above and beyond their job requirements.

I am very delighted that I’ve already been elected into the program several times.


The vExpert Application Modernization subprogram rewards those, who have stronger contributed on this specific topic (Application modernization).


Public Events - Speaking, Demoing, Staff and Initiatives


Event My Part Homepage
UserCon Germany 2019, Frankfurt SPEAKER - I presented on the topic Event-Driven interactions with vSphere using Functions as a Service. https://www.vmug.com/events2/vmug-usercon
Event My Part Homepage
Container Days Hamburg 2019 STAFF - at the VMware booth to present the Modern Apps strategy and vision. https://www.containerdays.io/


Event My Part Homepage
VMworld 2018, Barcelona STAFF - at the VMware Cloud Foundation booth - VMworld Expo Area. https://www.vmworld.com/
Event My Part Homepage
VMworld 2018, Barcelona STAFF - I also represented the VMware TAM program at the VMworld TAM Customer Central area. https://www.vmworld.com/
Event My Part Homepage
VMware TAM Customer Roundtable 2018, Hamburg HOST & SPEAKER - An exclusive event for VMware TAM customers. I organized and hosted the event as well as presented on it. https://www.vmware.com/professional-services/optimization-advocacy.html


Event My Part Homepage
VMworld 2017, Barcelona STAFF - I was part of the VMworld Hands-on Labs team. https://www.vmworld.com/
VMworld 2017 - Hands-on Labs Staff

Providing our attendees a unique Hands-on Labs experience was part of my role and I took it seriously 😊 .

Certificate of Achievement - VMworld 2017 HOL


Event My Part Homepage
Bechtle IT Forum Nord, Hamburg SPEAKER - The IT Forum Nord is a customer facing event hosted by the Bechtle IT Systemhaus Hamburg GmbH. Employed as a Datacenter Consultant at this time, I presented on the topic Hyperconverged Solutions by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Link to the Customer Invitation can be found here: https://bit.ly/32gBxfW. https://www.bechtle.com/de-en/
Speaker - Bechtle IT Forum Nord 2016