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A Linux Development Desktop with VMware Horizon - Part II: Applications

Applications In this section I´m going to list a couple of applications which I´m using for my desktop and how you can easily install them from your shell. Of course, it´s not a must and it´s up to you which of them you´d like to install. Google Chrome Firefox is pre-installed on Ubuntu as well as on CentOS but I´m for years now with Chrome and I´m still satisfied.

A Linux Development Desktop with VMware Horizon - Part III: Shell

High ⚡ Way to Shell The operationalization of platforms such as e.g. Kubernetes, or the use of tools for building services or applications such as Docker, requires in both cases the use of the command-line. There are dozens of great plugins, themes and extensions out there to pimp your shell so that it´ll help you to increase velocity as well as useability. Part III of my series is focused on the Shell and which “Highway” you can take to have the described tool available at the end.

VMware Enterprise PKS Management Console (EPMC) - Day 1

Info VMware Enterprise PKS got rebranded VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition See: Version 1.5.0 of VMware´s turnkey solution VMware Enterprise PKS, which brings production-grade Kubernetes to enterprises, was released back in August this year. This release introduced the beta (v.0.9) of the *VMware Enterprise PKS Management Console (EPMC)* which offers an opinionated installation of Enterprise PKS. With the PKS minor release v.1.5.1, the EPMC went GA in version 1.

VMware Enterprise PKS Management Console (EPMC) - Day 2

In the previous blog post we went through the Day-1 capabilities of the new version of the Enterprise PKS Management Console (EPMC). Let´s have a look at what´s in for Day-2. Summary Page The summary page of your Enterprise PKS deployment will appear after clicking the Enterprise PKS button at the top left corner. This page will give you an detailed overview of all the PKS Management Plane components including important data like, Service State, Version Numbers, IP addresses and also Hyperlinks either to the relevant Virtual Machine in vSphere or to the Website of an Management-Component like, NSX-T or the Pivotal Ops Manager.

VMware Microsites You should bookmark

The idea behind this post or collection was born as follows: Quote Me: …it´s on vSphere Central. Customer: On which site? Me: vSphere Central! Never heard of it? Customer: I know Storagehub, but I´ve never heard of vSphere Central. This is basically how the conversation with the customer went and I told him that I will provide a collection of all the VMware Microsites I know, together in a post.

docker run vic-machine

Introduction The deployment of a Virtual Container Host (VCH) can be done in various ways. One easy way is to use the vSphere-Client (H5) plugin which gives you the ability to configure all necessary parameters e.g. for network, storage or deployment target through a step-by-step deployment wizard. The far more efficient variant in my opinion is making use of the vic-machine utility, a Command Line Interface which is part of the vSphere Integrated Containers Engine bundle.

Event-driven interactions with vSphere using Functions as a Service

Note I am very happy to inform you that the below described idea has become a VMware Fling (completely OpenSource). Official website of VMware Event Broker Appliance: When was the last time that you were so much taken by a topic or better by a combination of several, that just by thinking about it your face is filled with enthusiasm? For me, it’s only been a few days ago and it was in one of these afterwork-calls with my well appreciated colleague and friend Michael Gasch where we talked about things we were working on.

Monitoring Container VMs with vRealize Operations Manager

Based on talks with customers who already made their experiences running containerized applications in test as well as in production and who are using vSphere Integrated Containers for their way to go, I decided to build a dashboard to monitor those workloads (Container-VMs) with VMware´s Cloud Management Solution, vRealize Operations Manager (vR Ops). Figure I: VIC monitoring high level overview" Figure I: VIC monitoring high level overview The Dashboard Treating Containers as "First-Class Citizens" is what vSphere Integrated Containers can offer to IT-(Dev)Ops Teams through instantiating a Container-Image as a Virtual Machine.

Youtube Hugo-Shortcode workaround - when {{< youtube >}} won´t work

Inspired by a recent post from my friend, (Go)Hugo and Git mentor Michael Gasch 😉, where he describes how he fixed the Hugo Shortcode for Twitter to suppress the default thread view, it came to my mind immediately that I faced a similar issue when I started blogging with the Shortcode which embeds a Youtube-Video into your post. See how Michael fixed the normal behavior for the Twitter Shortcode {{< tweet >}} here…

Upgrade vSphere Integrated Containers

I like upgrades! Because mostly they bring cool new features with them or eliminate disturbing issues. In this post I´d like to guide you through the upgrade process of VMware vSphere Integrated Containers from version v1.3.1 to v1.4.1 which is a major upgrade and also to v1.4.3 which is a minor upgrade. Thanks Tom Schwaller for reviewing this article. First of all and this applies to all upgrades, we have to check the compatibility and dependencys with our infrastructure components.